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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

20 years on


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It still hurts.


It could have been anyone. It was us.



A whole generation has passed and the feelings still don't go away.


Keep educating. Keep fighting for justice. Keep the pressure on. Keep being heard. Teach your friends, your children and even our football rivals.


but on the 15th April make sure you don't forget them.







JTF 96.



You DO make a difference

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Theres some great stuff on the official site, its very hard reading, the letters from family is heartbreaking but I think it's all worth a read if you can.


We wont give up the fight. YNWA.


Can't read them - its so heartbreaking.

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I didn't understand so much the pain until I too had a child taken from me. It hurts to think about it. I know exactly how the parents feel, the emptiness, the anger.... we can't forget the 96.

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I'd urge everyone to read the relative's letters and poems on the official site. Heartbreaking and tender, they remind us all, if it were needed, that the 96 were all real flesh and blood fans like anyone of us, loved by families and friends, and their passing left an unfillable void in so many lives.


Given that the 20 year fight for Justice still goes on, it's hard not to feel anger as well as grief on a day like this.


You'll Never Walk Alone.

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