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Our Profit.... Valencia's Loss


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[..Valencia's financial plight means they can no longer be considered a big club, according to Mestalla legend Santiago Canizares.


The goalkeeper was there during the glory days around the turn of the century, when they twice reached the Champions League final and then - under Rafael Benitez - won two Spanish titles in three years.


Those days seem a long way away now, with debts crippling the club, a new stadium to pay for and most of the first team up for sale..]


It went downhill then after Rafa left. Along with him goes the beautiful crushing machine that is Valencia...a prelude of how unplayable they had became and how unplayable we can be. How they did came to Anfield and played us all over the park and we were left wanting.




[..AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti believes Liverpool are the toughest opponents in European football.

The Italian has pitted his wits against Rafa Benitez's side in two Champions League finals, losing out in Istanbul in 2005 before prevailing two years later in Athens.


"Liverpool are the hardest team to play against in Europe," said Ancelotti.


"Benitez is a great coach. He has a well organised defence and the perfect counter-attack. To play against them is always dangerous.


"Liverpool don't let you play." ..]


We had gone a long way since then and our football now is honestly a joy to watch. How we make difficult matches seems easy to win.


[..It hurts the former Spain No 1 to talk about his former club in such terms since his time in Valencia was the most fulfilling of a distinguished career.


He said: "It is the club that allowed me to develop my profession during the best years of my career.


"I was lucky to be there when we had great players and great coaches who made the team great. I lived moments which will be very difficult to repeat in the history of Valencia, and that I will always remember."..]


The star players who joined Valencia prolly had the ideal image of Valencia but the most important ingredient was already missing...the person at the helm..Rafa. What they are now succumbed to only a group of talented individuals without real directions and success.


I hate to imagine if our fate will end up like that. And we have to sell our star players as the success was no longer forthcoming. We can be like spoilt brats...dismissing the success in Europe like it never count for anything even though these success did bring not only silverware but also the recognition and monetary rewards that came along with it.


Even people in Europe eg Cryuff,ZZ and even Maradona sat up and starting to notice us now.


These achievements thus far cannot be dismissed casually.


I for one am glad that the 'project' by Rafa is not ending...to the contrary indeed.

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