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International Football

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How important is International Football nowdays? And how is it perceived?


For me as a youngster I think that it was good. Not too many games. And when they played them - it meant something. You had a respect for the National teams and the World Cup and European Internationals.


Nowdays, for me anyway, things have changed. Perhaps it's the sheer number of games that these sides play (Many of them meaningless friendlies). Perhaps it's the fact that players nowdays are overtaking proud records of the past by exceeding the Caps earned properly by those that used to play by players who just because of the sheer number of fixtures taking place get past the true greats of International Football.


Perhaps it's because of the saturation of Football on television in todays media whirlwind of 'Soccer'?


I actually at the end of the season now actually look forward to a bit of a rest from footy to recharge my batteries for next season - fair enough in the past when there were fewer games on and fewer Internationals - less meant more - you looked forward to extra games and the extra buzz of these fixtures.


But for me. Not anymore. Club football to me means something - Internationals are just s****.

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