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Villa. Moscow. The UEFA Cup and the genius that is Martin O'Neill

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What do you make of his 'decision' to not bother with the UEFA cup in a good position - thus crapping all over the poor fans that trekked across Europe to watch their team?


Since that day - he's lost 2 and drawn 1.


I know we play them next weekend - and it's a must win - but it's always been a 'must win' - so no panic there.


But for Villa fans - what DO you make of that?


I actually thought that although they have a crap manager and some duff players - they actually stood a bit of a chance in that cup - and for a team like Villa it could have been an amazing stepping stone for greater things - a European cup back in the cabinet as well would have made the fans quite rightly delighted.


So why did he do it? You could argue that if he'd rested the players as he did - then went to three straight wins, then it would make some kind of sense - but even then - it's a major cup. And it was within their reach.


Just don't understand the man at all - he's supposed to have 'passion' and all that s**** - but look at what he did to Villa fans. Does he even care?


I heard he was supposed to take those that travelled and buy them a dinner for something. Personally if it were me I'd tell them to shove it and ask for my money back that I'd paid to travel to be betrayed by O'Neill.


The big stupid git.


I'm not a fan of him, it must be said.

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