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tonight's movie choice. . .

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Tell me about it, and now we have it on this forum, not getting likes and laughing smileys for a post can really hurt someone's self esteem 

Teen Wolf. Still sublime. 

Did you watch Up and Downfall first? Wouldn't really make sense unless you had the whole series.

On 19/08/2020 at 13:28, Gerry said:

Attractive isn't enough for me Swipe. I'm sorry, but I deserve more.

Listened to the Rewatchables episode on Groundhog Day. They discussed McDowell and whether she was too dull or if that was the point. 

They also mentioned Tori Amos was the other choice for the part. Which is a bit mad. 

Then they spoke about how long Phil was actually trapped. I’d never considered it before. Ramis originally said a decade then said it was probably closer to three.

It’s broken my brain a little. 

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5 hours ago, Bailo said:

Looks great 

Just about all that's left to learn about bats are his breakfast cereal of choice and how long he can be big spoon before his arm goes numb

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Posted (edited)

The Sting is in my four films that I can watch any time, any mood. Alongside Miller's Crossing, Jaws and The Thing. If pushed for a fifth, Withnail & I. Or Casablanca actually. 

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Watched Apocalypse Now - The Final Cut on iplayer last night.

I've lost track of how many times I've watched it and how many different versions there are. There were some bits in this version I don't recall seeing before.

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9 minutes ago, Stanley Leisure said:

I’d like to see John McClane try and quip his way out of a dust-up with a Xenomorph. 

Ripley would kick the f*** out of the wisecracking cop. And she wore a vest better. 

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