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Mark Hughes

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I'm gonna wager that Mark Hughes is not a big enough name for Man City's new owners.


I'd also wager that he'll be out on his ear before the January transfer window.*


So, he'll get the chop in the 1st week of November


* With the new Sheik saying he wants 18 new players and the City fans wanting success immediately despite only having Robinho, I reckon they'll get a big name manager in so that it can help attract the biggest names in football

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You know i can see that too, though maybe not so soon. Depending on the knowledge of the new owners of course, but with this type of money being thrown at big name signings the owner usually wants instant success.

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He is a good manager is Hughes, deserves a chance to get it right. he wont struggle for work, and i think ginsoak is still looking for a new number 2


Thats hilarious, everyone you speak to will agree with that .................. except Rich Sheik (not that you will speak to him ;) )


Its almost like the situation Ranieri was in

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