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Although I went on an Alaskan Cruise for a few weeks - I also spent a day in Victoria and 6 days in Vancouver - and it seems a lovely country.


Seems like a really nice place.


Everyone you meet seems friendly, the service when you buy anything is tremendous and the whole place looks well organised, well run, and very efficient.


The public transport is also excellent and cheap and reliable.


It's the first place I've ever been outside the UK where I might be tempted to live there..

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It's based on a points system, largely focused on how you qualify as a 'skilled worker', plus stuff like education, adaptability, etc. All info is here...




Here is the official Citizenship and Immigration Canada site - more info there. This will be the official info, sometimes a little hard to get to the bottom of - and any lawyers info could be questionable (I speak from experience as have been here 3 years and when I changed my work permit got some bum info from immigration lawyers that caused a little timing panic...)


Oh and Canada is great....the people really are the nicest (although they hate to hear it)...although it's changing a little as the population does. Vancouver is nice...although a couple of Brit mates there complained about how much it rains, which said a lot to me :)

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