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Has anyone played Audiosurf? It's available on Steam for 10 dollars, just over a fiver at current exchange rates. It's one of those simple ideas that really works well, especially if you like music and or racing games:




Audiosurf synchronizes the environment, traffic patterns and scenery with the events in the current song. Each music file imported to the game by the user is first analyzed by the game engine, and an ASH file (containing the dynamics of the sounds and how the track and blocks are arranged) associated to the music is created and saved (typically around 30 kilobytes). This helps speed up the loading time of future replays of the same sound file. The game loads the environment from the ASH files, with the track's elevation, surface and layout reflected in the dynamics of the music being played. For example, if a player were to choose to play a very soft and mellow song, the track would be uphill, very slow, relaxing and rich in cool colors. If a player were to choose a very intense and loud song, the track would be downhill, sped up, thick with traffic and lit up with hot colors.


You can make the game as easy or difficult as you like. What's interesting is putting different kinds of music on and seeing what kind of track they create. Hip-hop tends to give a very bumpy ride as the beats are translated into hills. Building techno or rock tracks see you climbing as the song builds before plunging down for the end. There's a few examples on youtube.

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