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I'm going to Berlin for a short weekend in July. Get there mid-afternoon on Friday, leave mid-afternoon on Sunday.


For those who have been I need hotel, bar and restaurant recommendations.


Also, what is worth doing in such a limited time.

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a group of us went to Berlin around Easter time. We rented a v nice apartment in the Tiergarten area. It worked out very cheap - like a tenner a night. So can't recommend a hotel...


We visited the East side gallery - bits of the wall still standing with all the murals, graffiti etc.

We also went to Treptow park in the east - a massive war memorial to Soviet soldiers.

The Jewish museum is worth a visit - fantastic building.

There are loads of museums - history, art etc that you could spend days in - of course.

We spent most of our time in the Kreuzberg area - very cool bars, restaurants and clubs.

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I've been there twice and plan on doing so again..


I did it a bit differently. Stayed in the west side, took a Hertha match in and ran amok at night,

Saw the Brandenburg Gate, Riechstag, Kaiser Wilhelm ruins, Potsdamer Platz, the Olympiastadion (impressive!) and the inside of the Subside Sports shop!! :D


Still lots I've not seen or done..

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I more or less lived there off and on for a few years - Dee's suggestion is sound. Great restaurants and bars just about everywhere - the best tend tobe around the Tiergarten and Kurfurstendam, Alexanderplatz and Pankow (recently very good for Thai, Indonesian etc). There is so much to see and do you really may as well just drink it all up and play each day by ear.

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