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Don't like the f***ing things but for various reasons I have to buy one.


Having been thankfully out of touch with them for years, what is the 'best' format to get these days? Mini dvd, hard drive or whatever???


I'm off to the Far East tomorrow and need to know what I should be looking to buy.



Camcorders are to me like football is to Kaizer & Ant. ;)

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hard-drive - saves messing about with DV tapes - some can store up to 80gig and more.

Canon have some very good models out at the moment - we are looking to buy some for our uni courses in digital media

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Hard-drive so you don't have to feck about changing & then storing safely CDs or cards. Get the biggest hard-drive you can - a 40 or 60gb and just download them to your laptop if full (you should get about 30 hours worth, I think). The JVC Everio is excellent for about £380. Buy a spare battery.


They don't react well to flights (condensation) so put a couple of packs of those little gel sachets you get in shoe boxes with them.

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I've just bought one, you pop a mini disk in, it records for 45 minutes (I think) then it runs out and you put another one in. You take the mini disk out and it play it straight onto a DVD player, bingo.


You can borrow it if you like.

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Guest Sabre

I have the type that Murph is talking about (Sony mini-DVD thing) and it records for up to 60 minutes per disc.


To be honest, I think I prefer the idea of a hard drive rather than the discs now that I've owned the latter.

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