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Guest Sabre

Dude, not sure if it has any true bearing on my membership or not but your share ratio of 0.056 is pathetic! :D

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Guest Sabre

From their FAQs:


This problem sometimes happens in Internet Explorer. To solve it, you need to delete any STMusic cookies (found in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Cookies in Windows XP). Alternatively you can delete all cookies by going into Internet Options and looking in the General tab for the 'Delete Cookies' button. You should then be able to login.


The other reason you may not be able to log in is because you are banned! If you really think you were banned unfairly, come along to IRC and explain your case.


The site blocks addresses listed in the PeerGuardian, so if PeerGuardian is blocking you, you should complain to them yourself. We have no control over who they ban so we cannot help you, sorry.


It's also possible that your account has been automatically deleted for inactivity (this happens when you don't login once in 28 days).

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