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Insead (has 2 campus - 1 outside Paris and 1 in Singapore) and is in the top 2 European MBA schools with a strong reputation globally but is very expensive. The question to ask yourself if why are you doing the MBA and what do you hope to do with it afterwards.


Insead tends to get people who are sponsored by management consultancies or who want to join consultancies or i-banks.


If you are certain you want to commit to an mba, speak with the careers services at the schools and see where the alumni from the previous 4-5 years are now employed. Gives you an idea of the type of jobs you might be able to get afterwards - depending upon your current skills and experience.


Also, you should look at schools that offer the 1 year option against the 2 year option.


This link might help; http://mba.eiu.com/

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anyone been there and more importantly is it worth it


Phenomenal school with a global reputation. As has been said, much depends on what you plan to do with it. If you can get into INSEAD and complete the programme, you're almost assured of very good employment at the other side.

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