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David James


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What a fraud he is.


He made quite a few c**k-ups today. Typical James. Great shot-stopper and unbelievable physique for a keeper, but doesn't have the concentration and there's always a blunder in him, esp when the pressure is on.


Can't believe the press talk about him these days with such reverance.


Even in todays game, he made a f***-up and the commentator says "what an entertainer".




That clown Burley then says "still a good keeper though".


Compare that to the criticism that the vastly superior Reina gets when he makes a mistake. During a recent game he made one that led to a goal (maybe against Arsenal) and the commentators never stopped talking about it.


But Pepe isn't English...


Also hate James' ridiculous faux-intellectual ramblings. Talking about his meditating and b****x like that.


Good highlighs keeper, but wouldn't lace the boots of Reina, Van Der Sar or Cech

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Macca reckons it's ok he makes mistakes because at least he gets in the position to make them :hmm:


I think he's a better keeper than he was with us but just seems to have an error or two in him. That's not to say every other keeper is perfect cos that's obviously not true but think James is still prone a bit. Much improved though and having an excellent season so fair play.

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still the same keeper as he was at liverpool, only his mistakes at liverpool cost us a league title, an fa cup and a possible uefa cup


And I'm nowhere near forgiving him for it yet. Staying up all night on his f***ing Playstation and dropping clangers for us every week when we damn near had that title in the bag.

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Despite the odd f*** up he's the best keeper outside of the top 4.

He has a modicum of intelligence and is able to articulate himself unlike the majority of Premiership footballers. Why does that annoy you?


Did the term "faux intellectual" that I used not give you a hint?

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