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Anyone know anything about Goldfish? One of my daughters goldfish keeps getting too floaty. It cant seem to be able to swim down and spends ages stuck to the top of the water. Seems to be a couple of hours after feeding it starts doing this and if I starve it for a day its fine.


Thinking it might be something stupid like its gulping air when its feeding.



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I think DarkBailo is nearest.


I've had a couple of goldfish do this and it wasn't the swim bladder. It was, unbelievably, wind. You'd see it struggling to swim downwards then 'poot' a couple of bubbles from its back end and no problems down it went. Ten minutes later, same thing - 'poot' - off it goes again.


I asked the bloke at the fish shop and he suggested varying its diet from time to time. Try giving them some daphnia or bloodworm. That's why it happens after feeding.

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