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A night with Ian Callaghan

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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after doing the Q&A thing at the NYSC on Sat, I went out on the lash with him and a few of the NYSC council :hmm: ....son Sat. Well, he had a few glasses of white wine, I got c***ed....


f***ing top bloke, he stood next to me watching the Newcastle game & I dunno why, but it really surprised me how much of a pure fan he is. It also surprised me how small he is....


Anyway a few things I can barely remember:

Is in two minds re Babel - can't understand why we paid 12mil & he hasn't been a regular starter - for that money, you start them.

Doesn't rate JAR

or Kuyt, particularly.


Rates Pepe, but doesn't think he's close to Clem. Thinks Banks was the best ever though


Is getting his WC winners medal this summer - until about 1970 only the players (and subs where applicable) got medals. After lobbying by the Sports minister, FIFA has agreed & is casting medals for all players going back to 1930 not to have received medals.


The FA only invites 'players on the day' to its WC do's - openings etc. The rest of the squad can feck off. He's not a little pissed off with the FAs treatment of the rest of them


Paisley was a right c*** (I knew this anyway & asked for confirmation) when we lost - and wasn't afraid to rip into someone in front of everyone else.


Still flummoxed why Shankly resigned, deffo reveres the man


more if my feeble mind remembers

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