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TV - Ten Genres you detest

Andy @ Allerton

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1. Shows like Oprah/Maurey/Jerry Springer and the like - what a pile of unadulterated s****.


2. Any kind of Reality 'Get me out of here'/'Survival' Shows


3. Any kind of 'talent show' where it ends up being serious (And lets face it tedious and boring - they are good at the start, lame at the end) and the 'experts' are all nobbers.


4. Gardening Shows - Just too dull


5. Cookery Programmes - either obnoxious chefs that are patently a******s or wannabees crying their eyes out.


6. Shows about buying / Selling houses


7. Shows about DIY (Specifically those where they go in and do someones house up)


8. 'Americas/Britains New Model' kind of programs - they get a bunch of balloon headed buffoons and watch them behave like balloon headed buffoons


9. So called 'Debate programmes' which are obviously so guided and biased that they do nothing as advertised. Usually involves a load of decentish people being manipulated into arguing with each other and shouting other people down.


10. 'Improvement' Shows where they get a bunch of g*******s and 'send them to the desert' or 'boot camp' or other such b******s - just put them in a catapult and fire them into the side of a cliff. You know it makes sense.

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