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Some may call it kneejerk

Guest Snorky

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Guest Snorky

Torres - looks like a little kid playing with the bigger boys, totally out of his depth.


Babel - looks like his next question should be "Do you want fries with that?".


Benayoun - deffo a woman in a mans body, well plays like it anyway.


Lucas - he should stick to singing, I was waiting for him to grab the mic and shout "Boom Bah".


As for the others:


Momo is Boss, more like Momo is Toss, give me Salif any day.


Pennant, looks like a failed children's tv presenter and plays like one.


Kuyt, he runs around like a rabid dog and looks like one as well.


Kewell, FFS does he ever sweat ? I'd love him as my lawyer.


I'm tella ya now, it was a mistake selling Diouf, it was wrong letting Anelka go, Josemi and Nunez was the best right side we ever had, they even kept Kromkamp out they were that good, OK they weren't at the club at the same time, but they would have done.


Stephen Wright, FFS Finnan's only scored against WBA, Wrighties scored in Europe....another c**k up.


Super Danny Murphy, ah Super Danny if only.............


I'd love to see how Cisse and Baros would work together in the Premiership, but that Spanish f***wit doesn't know his aris from his elbow.



Have I missed anyone out ?

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