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So, some films I've seen recently


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can't wait for ever for Kahnee to start one of his film posts :hmm:


1. 1408.

Film based on a Stephen King story I do believe. John Cusack stars, not seen him for ages! I was very underwhelmed. I don't like scary films at the best of times (awww), so I was sure this would freak me out. But it was all so in your face and unsubtle, that it did fec all. 6/10


2. The Number 23.

OK, so it probably got off on the wrong foot cos it stars Jim Carey. It was ok, but it just seems like another film trying to be clever and not quite managing it. Plus they could have lobbed off about 15 minutes off the end. When you think it's over, on it goes, and it does this about 4 times without adding anything of substance to the twist. 6/10


3. Zodiac.

Blemin good film, really enjoyed it. Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr are excellent. And I love the style of the film. It's relatively slow paced and a pretty long film, and the story suits that well considering how long the chase went on for him. It's interesting stuff if yer into these sort of movies based on a true story. 6/10

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