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f*** work


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I got this far in my original post:


I have been asked to write my own job decription after my boss asked me to do an analysis on a restructure of online media / innovation in our region.


I went back and proposed a digital projects team between our internal SQL heads in regional IT and my lot who do the same but in the public domain with our print/broadcast systems, hence my line of thought that was by sharing skillsets we could provide better flexibility in meeting the internal and external business needs accordingly rather than the project- deal with roll out s*** - project cycle of the business, myself, the regional IT manager and the RMD could agree project priorities and plan accordingly. So when I wasn't working with the developers I'd be working with 3rd party solutions and agreeing content distribution deals etc etc.


Somehow this has ended up with my boss saying that next year they're going to have me as the guy who's going to be leading innovation next year, yet, seemingly in the same breath that I have no staff to develop these innovations. Now t


but then I thought f*** work. f*** the above and why am i hassled enough to post it here when I could be doing other stuff. So, I've looked around and could easily double my wage if I had the balls so it's a case of dealing with the above shyte or going for summat new.


end stupid post

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