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Williams v United Kingdom

Guest Kev

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The site received this email tonight.


Dear All,


It has been 17 years since 96 people, including my lovely son Kevin, sadly lost their lives at the Hillsborough football disaster and still the fight for justice continues. At the inquests, the coroner imposed a 3.15 pm cut off time stating that all 96 would have been dead or brain dead by that time, so no evidence was heard after that time when Hillsborough was at its worst.


Over the years I have tracked down everybody who helped Kevin that day and to my horror found out that Kevin was not dead by 3.15pm. He died at 4pm in the arms of a police lady calling for his MUM. When the pathologist explained Kevin?s injuries to the jury, he told them that Kevin was the worst of all the 96. I was horrified as I had said goodbye to Kevin and he looked lovely. He just looked asleep; there were no facial markings on him. I consulted a forensic pathologist who told me Kevin did not die from traumatic asphyxia and would not have been dead or brain dead by 3.15pm. Kevin would have been able to speak the word MUM and he would have survived up till 4pm that day when he died in the arms of the police lady. Kevin could have been saved all he needed was oxygen.


Kevin did not fit into the 3.15pm cut off time so witness statements were changed. I was told lies about my son?s injuries. I then decided to take the system on. I cannot live with all the lies just to protect their own, what I cannot come to terms with is the way the families of the dead and the survivors have been treated.


Myself and five other families went for a judicial review in 1993 opposing the 3.15pm cut off time for the 96, but we were not successful. My numerous submissions to the Attorney General asking him to give me a new inquest into the death of my son Kevin have been refused.


Roger Cook presented Kevin?s case in a documentary and helped me uncover more of the Hillsborough cover up, including witnesses that had never been called to give evidence either at the Taylor inquiry or the inquests. These witnesses would have been able to tell the jury at the inquests that people were still alive at the 3.15pm cut off point. Tony Edwards, an ambulance man who the police said was never at Hillsborough, was able to tell me how the police cordoned him off at 3.37pm that day when he had orders to go straight to Lapping Lane as there were fatalities. Tony moved through the cordon and went straight to the goal at Lapping Lane. There were 42 ambulances behind him and they did not follow. People were alive and dying at this time. Tony was horrified, he told the fans to take their friends down to the Penn stone end of the ground, as there were ambulances to help their friends.


Myself and the families of the 96 were always led to believe that they could not get ambulances on the ground due to ramps but Tony tells a different tale. The West Midland police had changed the police lady?s statement and suppressed evidence at Kevin?s inquest. When I submitted the new evidence to the Attorney General, I was again refused. The barristers who had waivered their fees many times have always told me that if Kevin gets his inquest then it will open the floodgates.


The new Labour government promised the Hillsborough families a scrutiny into the events of that day. We were told we could submit any new evidence to Judge Stuart Smith and he would send it to the relevant department. Yet again, the families were stitched up and given no answers. The evidence was just twisted and turned. We had reached the end of the road legally, with nowhere to go.


I decided to write a book to let people know what extremes the system would go to cover up their own mistakes and protect the people who were to blame for Hillsborough. This was my justice; I had not failed my son, though the system had. The truth of what they did to Kevin and the other 95 who died with him will always be there.


Then my solicitor contacted me to tell me about the new European ruling ?The Right to Life? which related to Kevin?s case. This is what my solicitor, my barrister and I have been pursuing for the past 4 years. Our first move was to submit all the evidence in this country to give them another chance to give us justice; but again the system failed.


On the 12th August this year I submitted all the evidence to the European court of Human Rights under Section 2 of the Human Rights Act, The Right to Life. Kevin died in the hands of the state and is entitled to a thorough investigation into how he died. As the next of kin, I have the right to a full investigation into how my son died, these rights have been repeatedly denied due to the 3.15pm cut off time.


Europe is the last chance for any sort of justice, I have heard from the courts and they are now looking at Kevin?s case. I have sent all the evidence that I have uncovered over the years, evidence from some of the highest forensic pathologists suggesting that Kevin would not have died by 3.15pm and would be alive today if oxygen had been supplied. I have sent evidence that West Midland Police interfered with witness statements and suppressed vital evidence. I tracked all the Liverpool fans that carried Kevin that day, I just hope that Europe will now give us justice.


We sell badges at £2.00 each plus £1.00P&P. Copies of ?When you walk through the storm? are £9.99 plus £2.00 P&P. I am aware there has been a shortage of this book but I can assure you it is now back in print. Unfortunately, the web site is still in the process of being created. There is so much documentation it is taking longer than anticipated. With the help of some kind friends, I will be resolving this shortly. My follow on book ? I never walked alone? will not be published until I get the result from Europe. The system has failed the 96 who died, the families and the Liverpool fans. It is about time the real truth of the cover up comes out! Please support the ?Hope for Hillsborough?.


EMAIL ADDRESSES; annewilliams96@btinternet.com






Kind Regards




Anne Williams

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Anne - I have total admiration, respect and hope in the way you have continued the fight for justice.


At this time of your in particular my thoughts are with you, and I pray that one day you get the outcome that you, Kevin and everyone else affected on that tragic day deserve.

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