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A Song for Europe

Guest Portly

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Guest Portly

The BBC viewers chose a boring ballad sung by a Frenchwoman called Cindy as the UK entry for Eurovision. I didn't think much of it myself as it was a combination of "You take the high road and I'll take the low road" and "We don't need another hero." Ageing pop kids Scooch came second with a professionally presented bit of would-be Europop, but the song was weak.


I thought that by far the best entry from a musical point of view was by Big Bruvaz but it came nowhere.


Is it because they is black? :unsure:


It doesn't really matter, because the Eurovision telephone voting system means that the UK can never win again, even if we have the best song ever written - we have no "constituency" of voters, e.g. the Scandanavians, the Baltic States and the former Soviet countries all vote for each other's entries. It is probably more accurate to say that people living in other countries vote for their home country's song, which is why Germany always gives Turkey douze points.


Tonight's show was the first occasion I became aware of a BBC person called Fern Cotton. She has a voice like a knife sharpener. Do these BBC light entertainment people not know that the microphone has been invented? On the credit side, she was displaying a fine chest. Terry Wogan offered to rub goose grease on it, which was funny.

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