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Kuyt or Crouch...


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With Liverpool on a good run at the monent, I guess the obvious answer would be 'don't change a winning line up'.


When both players are on top form Kuyt seems to offer the team more. He plays deep in gap between the attack and midfield, which males him hard to be picked up and possibly brings the best out of some other players. Bellamy can therefore concentrate on his strengths which are playing right upfront on defenders shoulders, looking to get behind the opposition or down the channels. Bellamy strecthes the opposition and with Kuyt dropping off makes makes them both hard to mark, especially with their movement.


Kuyt is quicker than Crouch, more movement and all action type player. With him playing deep he sometimes covers Gerrard's bursting runs, closes down the oppositions midfield and really gets in the other teams faces. At the moment he is not taking the chances, which the team are creating. He is such a good player that he still makes an impact, with his clever runs, movement or assists.


Crouch on the otherhand, was praised last season for his contribution he made to the team. He ran the most, linked up well the his teammates (setting up Gerrard many times), held up the ball exceptionally well away from home, which along with Sissoko enabled us to win far more away games. This season, when he has played he has done all this and most importantly scored when used.


Last season Crouch was the number one striker, always playing. Cisse was used more on the wing, given his lack of workrate, first touch etc... and Nando, although he was used in most games, didn't offer much. Crouch has gone from our first choice striker down to third choice, which is strange considering he has added more goals to his game. Bellamy is certainly an upgrade from Cisse, as he is a far more complete player. I think from what we have seen Kuyt is also an upgrade in this league from Morientes.


It is a nice problem to have, compared to last season. But personally I think Crouch deserves some more games than he has been getting. Kuyt over the last three or four games has not taken his chances and this could have cost us. Yes he has been producive and contributed in other ways... but so could Crouch. Bellamy for me should be used as often as possible as his pace gives the team a constant threat, both in possession and on the counter attack. It was something we didn't have last season with Nando / Crouch and this season with Kuyt / Crouch.


'Form is temporary, class is perminant'... therefore I think Crouch should play today as he looks to be more in form. No doubting Kuyt's class, but he needs to take these chances he is getting and he could benefit from a rest.

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