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PAYG Phone companies

Anastasia Beaverhausen

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I use an O2 pay as you go sim in the UK, which I find ok. I seem to be spending loads of time in Ireland though, and have quite a few contacts there now. It costs me heaps texting and calling them on my UK number, and while I'm over there it also costs me loads when people in Ireland and the UK call me. I've thought about getting an Irish number, but am not sure how it'll work. If I go for an O2 Ireland sim will I be able to just stick it in my phone? Do they have the same deals, more or less, as O2 UK (loads of free texts etc)? If I then use that Irish sim over here, will I get charged heaps again? Or am I better off just buying a phone/sim package when I get there? I won't bother with a contract over there, as I'm not there enough to justify one.


We all know how much the Irish love to talk, and I'm sure me saying "Flippin eck you're costing me money so shut up now" sounds a bit rude to them. :)

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