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Interesting fixtures for Barca before our games


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Sun, 18th A Valencia (L.L.) - Big away game only 3 days before us

20:00 -

Wed, 21st H Liverpool (U.C.L.)

19:45 -

Sun, 25th H Athl Bilbao (L.L.)

20:00 -


Sun, 4th A Sevilla (L.L.) - Another Big away game - only 2 days before us

20:00 -

Tue, 6th A Liverpool (U.C.L.)

19:45 -



Should make things interesting. Our fixtures:


10 Feb, 2007 Newcastle United Barclays Premiership A 15:00 Y N Y -

21 Feb, 2007 Barcelona Champions League Last 16 (1) A 19:45 Y N Y -

24 Feb, 2007 Sheffield United Barclays Premiership H 15:00 Y N Y -

03 Mar, 2007 Manchester United Barclays Premiership H 15:00 Y N Y -

06 Mar, 2007 Barcelona Champions League Last 16 (2)


Depending on if we progress in the FAC, we would have 10 days prep if we a re out or maybe get a eay home draw if we are through


The manc game is obvioulsy a threat. So things probably even up

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