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Trying to be positive

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Afetr all the optimism at the begining of the season it is now all the oppoiste on here, as usual fans views change match by match.

We all know things are not good away from home but is it the manager, or players that the fault lies with?


Lets roll the clock back to Aug - we (nearly) all agreed we have a very good squad. Now accoring to some am ere three months later, our players are not good enough for example Finnan, Riise, Sami, Carra, Bellamy, Stevie need replacing - and Harry still is being blamed for being injured! Roatation is costing us and Rafa has no idea!


I for one think the problem is purely that too many players are out of form - and I havent a clue whose fault that is, I think the quaity of our sqaud is good enough to get close to the topp of the league but we are not showing it....how do we get it back? I don't think a mass clearout and get new people will solve the (temporary)problems we now have. The only major change I would make to the team is have Agger in front of Sami for the majority of games.


Yes we are all frustrated and get hacked off with spineless performances but I still think the players and manager we have are more likley to get it right rather than changing everything in January.


None of what I have said is new but still think we will be happy come th end of teh season, we wont be League Champions but i am sure we will be happier than the fans of most other teams.

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