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Liverpool Council


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Closed all the car parks in town and opened one big one by paradise street

Limited car parking on streets to two hours at a time

F'cked all the roads up so it is dam near impossible to drive in


I now of six people who have closed their business this year due to sales plummeting, three in cavern walks alone, our place isnt to bad but it is still down about 15% on last year. We still have to pay full council tax like, no refund or nothing, and the last rate increase was massive


Council are running all the small businesses into the ground, but never mind eh, at least they will have a nice shiny new debenhams in 2008


Gobsh'tes they are, to much happening in to short a space of time. You cant just rip a major cities transport links and semi rebuild a city for two years and expect small businesses not to suffer.

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