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Can we all agree that it's OK to be critical of the team

Guest Phil C

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Guest Phil C

..and he takes on board what we say!!


Frankly, I'm slightly p*ssed off with those on here that can see no wrong with the team, the uber LFC fans who fear that any adverse comment might 'upset' the lads...ffs!! :rolleyes:


This present team has the ability to be brilliant...yes, class oozes through the team, all of Rafa's recent signings look world class but, FFS, don't tell them that because it might go to their heads!


This forum should welcome debate - not cringeworthy suckophants (it won't get you a season ticket you know!!!)


So I'm thowing a hissing fit at all all those bandwagon jumping acolytes on here who use personal abuse against other forumites who might dare to criticise - disease ridden w*ankers the lot of you!! :rant:


Don't you know that the improvement is down to us?!!


The end - so just f*eck off all of you ...other than the ones that agree me. .....(another pint of Stella please miss, I thank yoooou!!......)




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