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Rushie returns

The walters step over

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Today's instalment also includes:


Happy birthdays

Wembley disappointment

Double League debuts

Younger?s start

Reds on the move

Other League fixtures

Irish friendlies

Nando on target

More international friendlies

Sinama starts out

Sami the European



I remember when we resigned Rush, we were all expecting Gary Pallister to walk through the door when Liverpool had announced that they'd signed someone. Very pleasant surprise when in walked the man with the muzzy (unless you happened to be John Aldridge of course).


p.s. I wonder if the internet had been around then just how many fans would have been slagging him off for leaving us to try his luck abroad for a year before wanting to return? I can just just see it now " I don't care how many goals he scored for us, he's a little Welsh t*** who should never be allowed back through the Shankly gates!" or "what d'yer mean Rushie had agreed to join the mancs before Kenny got in touch, lets boo him on his first game back at Anfield, that'll show him!"


What a mistake that would have been!! Good job nothing similar would happen with today's fans :D

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