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Need some advice


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I can always rely on you lot for some advice now and again, so can you tell me what I should do?


Basically I work in retail as some of you know, and I am currently Deputy Manager of a store. Now I know that there are a lot of other DM's out there working for the same company, and they earn a couple of grand a year more that I do.

Now the store I am DM in is a District store, and basically all the stores on my district ring me at least 4 times a day with problems and with questions, and as a District store it is our job to help them out. So we are basically a bridge between the stores and the Regional Manager.

The deputies in some of these stores are on more money than me, yet my store takes four times the money than some of them, and we are the biggest turnover store out of 22 stores on the region.

I am told I have to do a work course to get the wages I want and to be brought into line with everyone elses wages, yet only two people have done this course before, and everyone who does get paid more than me, hasn't done it.

This leaves me asking questions.

Why do I have to do a 4 week course, tons of paperwork and a presentation to get paid in line with people who haven't done the same? That surely tells me if they do it then they will get paid more again.

To be honest its not even about the money, its about the recognition. I just feel terribly undervalued, and I don't feel like I am wanted, yet I am repeatedley being told I am one of the best Deputy Managers on the patch and that only the 'elite' get to do the course.

I am now thinking of changing jobs, and working for someone who will appreciate me for what I do, and not how much coursework I provide.

I love the job itself, but I just get down due to being undervalued.

I really don't know what to do.


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