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Herbie von Smalls

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freakemporium(.com) is running a sale at the moment - up to 40% off selected stock - chas clown, ostrich man take note. there's also an 'easter' sale which seems to be still running.


fired off this order yesterday (for prices, UK7.2 = £7.20 etc.)


Bryan Maclean - Ifyoubelievein - CD x 1 - UKP7.2

arthur lee's Love bandmate, maria mckee's half-brother, solo album


Diamondhead - Diamondhead - CD x 1 - UKP7.2

ex-WCPAEB contributor bob yeazel's 1972 MOR collaboration


Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town - CD x 1 - UKP3.6

fm-friendly, country/light rock. no harm done at that price


Sly And The Family Stone - Life - CD x 1 - UKP5.4

can't seem to get this in any independent record stores


Young Rascals - Groovin' - LP x 1 - UKP7.2

there's something very heartwarming about this band


Spirit - Feedback - CD x 1 - UKP5

Spirit - Model Shop - LP x 1 - UKP7.8

two more little-heard of albums by a band that have rapidly ascended into the top five of my favourite ever bands


Terry Melcher - Terry Melcher - CD x 1 - UKP5

a very cheesy-looking cover suggests this is a rather MOR solo effort from the Byrds' producer, manson pal and doris day's son.

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