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help needed about last night

Guest Lee

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I need some help with last night. I can't remember being in the match. I was sat in block 102 row23 seat 196. my mate told me i called him 20 mins into the second half asking where he was.

I spoke to him this morning and he said that i told him that loads of people in block 102 were thrown out.

He said the last time he saw me was at half time with a pasty and a pint walking into the toilet. I didn't thik they sold beer on euro nights.


I was drinking in the albert from 4. And i had had no sleep. Im never drinking again.


If anyone remembers seeing some pissed bloke wandering around the kop and saw me leave or thrown out can you let me know.

And also if its true about people from block 102 being thrown out. Maybe it was just me that was thrown out.

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