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In light of the polictical climate


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with wars seemingly fought under a guise of policy and rhetoric which is fundamentally Christianity against Islam or Islamic extremists in leadership, I think it's extremely positive that sportsmen such as Saj Mahmood, Monty Panasar, and Amir Kahn are making such a great contribution to the nation's sporting success. It's great to see our heroes get their rightful praise.


Will such high profile sportsmen and their achievements help to break down the barriers and perceptions that on the one hand the popular concencus celebrates on a sporting front but on the other are ignorant to in terms of culture or policy.


By the same token, with second, or third generation descendants representing the UK what impact does this have on Islamic perception of the UK?


Or will it take a David Beckham like figure, or even the first islamic / asian footballer to represent one of the British national teams to truly break down whatever barriers exist?

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