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Man killed in the house next door to mine last night

Crazy Horse

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At least I assume so...:o


Heard the whole thing, starting with a violent argument, punches thrown, bit of strangulation, someone screaming that their finger had been bitten off, someone else going through a second floor window, then back inside, a bit more stangulation with great gargling effects, and a thrilling finale of some guy howling 'what have I done?' over and over again. Some girl then appears wanting to call 911, the guy tells her not to because they'd already been chased by the cops tonight. Someone called them anyway - not me though.


So then we had the cops, paramedics, fire brigade (?) and a forensic team keeping me up all night. One guy came out on a stretcher, looked pretty dead to me, and the ambulance drove off slowly.


Anyway, I now know that I'm a terrible person, because my only reaction is that frankly, they were terrible neighbours anyway, so it's good riddance really. I've had so much trouble with them for a long time, I'm just glad to see the back of them. Quite a drama though.

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