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CSNY in concert

Crazy Horse

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Thought the few forum CSNY aficionados would be delighted to hear that they pleasantly surprised this old sceptic by delivering an energetic and note-perfect 3 1/2 hour show last night. Truly stunning, one of the great concert experiences of my life. Never thought I'd get to see Stills and Young trading solos on Ohio and For What it's Worth. And David Crosby was in magnificent voice - Almost Cut my Hair (with Nash and Young but not Stills) was, surprisingly, the highlight of the whole night.


The show was heavily loaded with songs from Young's Living with war album, most of which worked better live than on the record. There were plenty of old classics too though - a notable one being Young on piano doing 'Only love can break your heart'. No Helpless though, probably the only major omission.



PS - I found a link to a download of one of the shows on this tour, pretty clear sound, will post it later if I remember.

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