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Worst moments

The Hitman

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My worst was when I went out for drinks with my mate in Greenwich,and a few of his other mates,one of whom happened to be one of Ian Wright's "little people".He's a top lad actually,was in a show a while back about the condition,and can drink like a fecking trooper.

Anyway,we were all sitting round the table,he was over the other end,and I was having a chat with some of the lads about Mission Impossible 3,I think it was.I'd had a few too many and was discussing the merits (or lack of) of Tom Cruise.It turned into a Cruise slagging session,what with him being the madman that he is,and I thought I'd stick my oar in.

"Plus,the man's a f***ing midget"

A bit too loudly.



I felt about two feet tall after that.

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