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Data Protection

John am Rhein

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Does anyone know the finer points of UK Data Protection rules, especially as applied to companies retaining your credit card details?


The following case study is actually from the Republic of Ireland but does anyone know if the UK rules would be essentially the same?


Case Study - Use of Credit Card Details from a Previous Transaction Without Consent


And, in particular:


More generally, I consider it to be a sound and proper principle that credit card data obtained for a particular transaction cannot be used subsequently for other transactions without express consent, without violating the ?fair obtaining? rule. The principle of transparency and fairness, which are key tenets of data protection law and practice, apply in this area just as in any other.


Also, does anyone know what responsibilities (if any) apply to a company retaining credit card details from earlier transactions with regard to security of confidential information? i.e. can they basically leave your credit card number lying around on bits of paper in a desk in a publicly accessible area or not?

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