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Football In The Midlands

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Does anyone else think its strange the way football in the Midlands has declined so badly. Clubs from East to West of that area of the country have suffered different levels of decline, ranging from greatly disappointing to disasterous.


Forest of course are the worst of the lot - how many twice European Cup winning clubs are currently languishing in the third divisions of leagues around Europe?


Also Derby, Wolves and now Birmingham and West Brom all big clubs with decent size grounds languishing in the lower divisions. Even the last Midlands representative in the top division, Villa, are in a serious crisis at the moment, and didn't finish a million miles away from the drop zone last season.


Any thoughts on why this is? Coincidence? Economic reasons? I know only Forest could have ever been termed one of the really bigger names in the country in terms of success, but for only one representative in the Premier League to be from the Midlands seems strange.

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