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Andy @ Allerton

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Homer Simpson OR Fred Flintstone

Garfield OR TopCat

Dennis the Menace OR Roger the Dodger

Gnasher OR Muttley

Snoopy OR Huckleberry Hound

Donald Duck OR Daffy Duck

Bluto OR The Penguin

Popeye OR Spiderman

Olive Oil OR Betty Boop

Batman OR Kenny From Southpark

Superman OR Flash Gordon

Charlie Brown OR Bart Simpson

Lisa Simpson OR Jessica Rabbit

Dogbert OR Bugs Bunny

Dilbert OR Family Guy

Astrix the Gaul OR Astro

Betty OR Dale Arden

Wilma OR Marge Simpson

Biffo the Bear OR Black Bag

Minnie Mouse or Micky Mouse

Bash St. Kids OR The Anthill Mob

Droopy Dawg OR Elmer Fudd

Roger irrelevant OR Billy Whizz

Barney Rubble OR Groundsman Willie

Rhubarb OR Penfold

Custard OR Danger Mouse

Roadrunner OR Goofy

Kenny From Southpark OR Mr. Hankey

Goofy OR The Numbskulls

Roadrunner or Wil E. Coyote

Dick Dastardly OR Peter Perfect

Ren OR Stimpy

The Hulk OR Captain America

Hookjaw OR Judge Dread

Dying German (AAAIEEEE! In Commando) OR Heroic American Bloke in Commando

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