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Andy @ Allerton

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Radios OR TVs

Speech OR Singing

Fans OR Crisps

Hills OR Mountains

Bottles OR Cans

Fingers OR Toes

Noses OR Ears

Krusty OR Sideshow Bob

Big Brother OR a Pan Round the Head

TV Executives OR Estate Agents

2nd hand car salesmen OR Politicians

Holiday in Spain OR Holiday in France

The Moon OR Mars

Australia OR India

Curry OR Chips

Handstands OR Cartwheels

Monkeys OR Traffic Wardens

Anfield OR Millenium Stadium

Books OR Newspapers

Politics OR Entertainment

Ring Binders OR Loose Leaf Binders

Staplers OR Those little green tag things

Fish OR Sharks

Blue Sky OR Grey Sky

Hot OR Cold

Fat OR Thin

Cellotape OR BlueTac

Brummies OR Geordies

Wales OR Scotland

Norway OR Iceland

Eyes OR Tonsils

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