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  1. It's exactly the kind of move he does all the time, where he'll sort of step across and bash into the player. The only difference this time was the defender s*** out of the tackle and was already trying to get out of his way
  2. He didn't get much of a pre-season I suppose, maybe it'll do him good. The rest I mean, not the potentially deadly virus
  3. He's done one of those 'game day' type posts on Instagram, maybe a bit more of a clue he's alright.
  4. I wonder if teams will start to think about some kind of squad herd immunity plan. The rate it's going you'd expect almost every player to have had it by the end of the season, just stick them all in a room together before the next international break.
  5. Ah okay Feels like a really big game tonight. Lots of talk about how this could be the season for a well organised underdog, I think we're probably the best organised side in the league. Win tonight and we'll be reminding everyone else about us well organised overlords (or whatever the opposite of underdog is)
  6. I think the transfer window might lose its mind any day soon, a big mad transfer merry-go-round where some teams only realise after the fact that they've f***ed it up. Still doubt it but you could read the club talking about this being a 'unique transfer window' as us thinking there could be some mad bargains near the deadline due to other clubs panicking.
  7. Still find that move mind-boggling, how many teams must have passed on him after our deal fell through for him to end up at Real Betis? Sure the fee ended up being much less than we agreed as well
  8. Think we've been really smart to get our signings in done before the inevitable madness of the last week. Lots of clubs looking at signing our players will have thought they could wait until the last minute, when we're scraping around to get the funds together for Thiago, then get the likes of origi and grujic for buttons. Not any more, lads, if you want the player you meet the asking price.
  9. Nah it's just guardiola being dramatic, saying that aguero takes a long time to get back to full fitness so it might be 'one or two months' before he's back to his best
  10. Tell you what, I don't know of anyone else who was talking about Jota yesterday? Huge if true
  11. Funny though, I mean I don't really know what I was basing that on beyond that piece in the guardian where his old youth team manager was saying he was going to be a star. But then he would say that. I'm sure other people will have seen more, I just remember him looking good against us twice last year. And he missed that sitter. He's probably s***e
  12. This sounds good. My one concern had been that it felt as though Sarr's 'ceiling' might be higher. A lot of his goals reminded me a bit more of Salah tbh
  13. I wouldn't worry mate, he's taking Origi's spot in the squad and I'm pretty confident that's an upgrade, especially in terms of how we play
  14. Guardian saying it's £27 million after we agreed to meet their asking price
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