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  1. Doesn't matter who we bring in. Since Rafa coaching has been the problem. If Klopp is adamant about how difficult it is to find better defenders than we have it must be the coaching.
  2. I was surprised he wasn't on the bench today as we had no direct swap for Sturridge who was not fully fit going into the match today. Don't want us to go into the season with only 2 recognised strikers. Even someone on loan would do as I only see Borini getting any worthwhile time on the pitch should one of Sturridge or Suarez get injured/suspended.
  3. FSG might feel that the like of Lamela are overpriced but stark reality is we finished well off the pace for the CL places and the improvement is marginal at most. They might be forced to abandon their principles knowing that they'll have an increasingly disgruntled and suspicious fanbase given last years fiasco and the pressure that comes with our rivals such as spurs really splashing the cash. I just hope they don't back themselves into a corner where they spend 30m on a 15m player like in Carroll but rather they spend 30m on a 25m player in the like of Lamela. FSG don't seem to grasp the concept that a player is worth what you need to pay to get them.
  4. Given the glaring weaknesses in Arsenals squad, a wide player like Willian is the last thing they need. Whatever way we look at it, it's worrying especially seen as this is the 3rd target we've missed out on for our attacking player. I really hope we don't just settle for another squad filler and this so called committee will pull something out of the bag.
  5. It is the trend that's worrying, even though we've gone all out to get a big name this year we've failed on each occasion. It probably reflects poorly on Rodgers and the lack of presence at the club. At the end of the day if you have the likes of Baldini with his standing in the game going up against the likes of Ayre, there's only going to be one winner. This is magnified when you have a manager unknown in Europe.
  6. Not because we're Liverpool and should be aiming higher, but if I was a West Ham fan I probably would
  7. I'm not sure he really wants to go to Arsenal, he'll only be looking to move in a year or two complaining that he want's to win something. It might serve him best to stay with us for a year and hope for etc.a strong world cup to catch the interest of the likes of Real and Bayern
  8. It's a vicious circle with us sometimes, when a new manager takes over he needs to cut away the dross padding out the squad so he can bring in his own dross padding out the squad.
  9. If we're looking for someone to add goals from midfield, Modric isn't who we should be looking at. I fear this will drag in August as RM and Barca seem consistent in how they get the player to agitate for the move and the fee drops as a result
  10. I don't see where the valuation of £15m is coming from, if he was valued at that in the summer and that was on the high side given his lack of playing time once Di Matteo took over, how could his value stay the same when he has barely played this year?
  11. If it was a case that I could prolong my career and get satisfaction from my job, yes I would. I accept that most players don't, I just think it doesn't make sense in the long run to sit on a bench and lose your place in your national team squad for the sake of losing out on a percentage of your wages that you'd probably get back on subsequent contracts.
  12. I agree that he hasn't the bottle for a club the size of Liverpool but when you see the prices paid for the likes of Matt Jarvis you'd hope Downing should command a similar fee ( ~£10m). I suppose the problem as usual will be the wages but I don't understand how footballers don't take a drop in wages in order to get their careers back on track.
  13. So is his contract up this summer?
  14. If it's 60,00 and the room to expand, it's great. It's what the mancs did
  15. Does anyone know if the game is on Irish t.v? It's supposed to be on ITV4 but will that be broadcast in Ireland as Setanta Sports have it as well
  16. Rudi Voeller is quoted as saying Schurrle is not being sold, it'd be a risky move to put all our eggs in the Sturridge basket as if Chelsea don't get another striker in which is difficult on the last day, it definitely won't happen
  17. Neil Jones of the echo has just tweeted he's likely to be off to Spurs as well.
  18. I also think AVB is the most realistic, fit's the profile of what people say FSG are looking for. I'd love Klopp but can't see him leaving Dortmund, especially given their poor showing in the CL and if Bayern win it this year there is a bit of unfinished business there.
  19. Moe Szyslak


    If Dalglish was sacked because they had someone like Klopp lined up, you might not agree with the decision but you would of been hopefull about the future. If he's replaced by someone like Martinez or Rodgers it's crazy. Rodgers in particular might turn into a good manager but we really are standing on the edge of a cliff at this stage
  20. Both Craig Gordon and Kirkland are too injury prone for a backup, when you actually do need them, they'll be injured. Cudicini might be worth a gamble providing his wages were realistic.
  21. Feel the same about Mason, I remember a game against Fulham away a couple of years ago where he really had it in for us, I agree about Dowd, felt he was too full of himself until the last couple of years, he's one of the only refs to give Suarez a fair crack of the whip and not basing decisions on his prior opinion of him
  22. I can't see if they clear him of being racist that they can charge him with abusive language, if we believe what Henry Winter was right when he said "porque negro", if it's not racist it's not abusive.
  23. A rare pro Liverpool article from Lawro, pretty much agree with what he's saying here http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/columnists/mark-lawrenson/Mark-Lawrenson-column-Why-I-think-there-is-an-agenda-against-Liverpool-striker-Luis-Suarez-article841210.html
  24. Moe Szyslak


    I wonder if all those rumours about Keita have any truth in them and would this prompt us into bidding for him in January
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