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  1. Marv

    The boxing

    You are likely to be stepping on each others leading foot a lot. Always try to make sure your leading foot is on the outside even if it means stepping on his toes all the time. It will let you move out and slip punches better and land more too.
  2. Marv

    The boxing

    I know it is strange that there hasn't been much about it. Could be an absolute classic fight too. I really like both fighters. Wouldn't be rooting for one in particular although hard to see past Spence's size difference and Garcia jumping 2 weight classes. Fair play to him for challenging him though.
  3. Marv

    The boxing

    Great, cheers.
  4. Marv

    The boxing

    Is the Spence Jr v Garcia fight likely to be shown on ITV4 does anyone know? I have tried searching and it looks like it might be but can't see it definitely scheduled on there.
  5. Marv

    Craft beer in cans

    I am in to the craft beers. Order most stuff direct from the breweries web site and they are nearly all 440 ml cans. Cloudwater from Manchester which have been voted 2nd best craft brewery in the world only tend to bottle limited edition releases which are 750ml. Like barrel aged stouts etc. Magic Rock and Deya are 2 other top craft breweries who can a lot of their stuff in 500 ml cans too. Verdant who are extremely popular for their new england style (cloudy/murky) IPA's only can. Northern Monk are another one who only can. I think the Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel are pretty much only canning now and another good Welsh brewery Loka Polly only sell in 440 cans that I have seen. "Most" people in to their craft beers tend to have it poured in to a glass anyway. A lot of your craft beer glasses are 2/3 of a pint too.
  6. Marv

    The boxing

    Hagler is also my all time favourite fighter. His skill was underrated, superb switch hitter and had a great reach and timing. Have you watched the Mugabi fight? That was brutal. Also what convinced Leonard to come out of retirement and fight him as he saw that he had slowed down and was being out boxed in parts. Also his fight with Tony Sibson was another good one. You can see the full broadcast of that on YouTube with the quite funny Reg Gutteridge piece at the start in Leicester showing Sibson training in a pub. I thought Hagler v Leonard was a close fight. Hagler should have started southpaw but wanted to try and outbox him. Leonard would turn it on at the end of every round, last 30 seconds to steal rounds. I think a draw would not have been unfair, not sure Leonard did enough to take the title. The judge who scored it 118-110 for Leonard though. Shocking
  7. Marv

    The boxing

    Yeah I have watched it a couple of times. Been a while since I last saw it. I just remember it was none stop action. Sure it was the most punches thrown in a heavyweight fight or something. Most were from Ibeabuchi. Both undefeated and Tua was a massive favourite after he had recently completely annihilated John Ruiz but every punch he threw was answered back. He also handed Chris Byrd his first defeat with a KO too. Really think he could have been something special if he never had so many problems outside the ring.
  8. Marv

    The boxing

    Good list ike ibeabuchi would have probably featured if he never had so many problems outside the ring. Looked the real deal. His fight v Tua was superb. Worth youtubing if you've not seen it.
  9. Marv

    The boxing

    Thought Linares v Campbell was a very good technical fight. Both good boxers and Campbell did well after getting dropped. Great combo by Linares for the knock down too. Don't think Campbell did enough to win like Hearn and the Scottish judge did but would gladly watch a rematch of that.
  10. Marv

    The boxing

    I am sure I saw that Eric Gomez saying draw to Sanchez and Golovkin before the scores were announced.
  11. Marv

    The boxing

    BJS fight was awful wasn't it? Monroe never looked like winning. Very negative dull fight. Would have been gutted paying to go and watch that card.
  12. Marv

    The boxing

    More Hagler v Leonard than Hagler v Hearns.
  13. Heard plenty of people being killed from one punch like that. He is a weapon no doubt but that type of assault on a unsuspecting person could be life threatening. Wonder if it is anything to do with that Sam Walker incident he had a while back. Google Ross Barkley and Sam Walker. Can't tell if it is actually him in the footage. Seems likely it is related though.
  14. Watched first season of Startup with Martin Freeman playing a bent FBI agent in Miami. Was OK. I don't think I would go out of my way to watch a 2nd season of it. Sneaky Pete, I really enjoyed that. Giovanni Ribisi is excellent in it.
  15. Marv

    Parking Eye

    My mrs got a fine off that Vehicle Control Services which operate at John Lennon Airport and the Estuary Business Park. It was the latter that we stopped on a dead end road for less than 10 mins. Ignored all the letters at first then they got bwlegal working on their behalf and eventually got a county claim form through. You don't ignore them. So we now have a date set for the small claims court. I would suggest going on the consumer action group private land parking enforcement forum and have a read through there or start a thread. A lot are using the ParkingEye Vs Beavis case as reference now were the judgement was in favour of ParkingEye. It is worth googling that case. Seems to be a lottery whether they persist or leave hounding you.
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