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  1. And let's not forget Coutinho went awol for August including important qualifiers.
  2. It's being able to read the game - how he knew where to be in certain situations was great. PLAYER!
  3. That is great. Determination not just to get the block in but to get up and keep it in play. Just win the ball and get on with it.
  4. Great reply. How to defend against the worlds best players yes. Isco, Ronaldo, Benzema, Rodriguez is not a forward line you meet in the Premier league at all. If you want to point out the atrocious defending for the second and third goals then i think that these are easilly dealt with than excellent play. If you switch off that causes goals, over the past few weeks we have had no awareness at corners and our reactions to movement in the box has been dire. BUT I think that this can be addressed a lot easier than defending against world class play. If we sort out the easy stuff, our younger pla
  5. Well played Real Madrid. Great lesson for our younger players as well as our management team. You live and learn, and hopefully we learn a lot from that game.
  6. fildo


    There are not too many defenders scoring as many goals in a title run in as Martin. All players make mistakes, central defenders just get them highlighted more than the rest because of the position on the pitch. Look at Kompany, people claim him as the best defender in the league yet I would have him culpable for for all three goals. If someone better is available then yes let's bring them in, from what I see there are very few better.
  7. fildo

    16 years

    10 year anniversary must be coming up soon of the Carnage T-Shirts :-)
  8. fildo


  9. New year my a*** - thats the season done for him...9 months after ACL reconstruction. Lucas was a wonder coming back in 7 for preseason but probably should have taken it easier.... Plus side though - Wisdom, McLaughlin and not to forget Flannagan are given a chance....
  10. Heartbreaking....hope the club could do something and that the family take something from it.
  11. Thank God thats out of the way - some rusty performances there....Hopefully it will have been a good workout for those on the pitch.
  12. Cheers Dirk.....hope you have a great time at Fenerbache and thanks for all the effort and goals ..... The hat trick against the man slats season will live long in the memory.
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