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  1. Utter s***houses hate playing the Spanish clubs in Europe.
  2. Might pick it up from a charity shop at some point ...will not be giving him any of my money!
  3. Personally don’t want him back at all so long as he’s still represented by his agent! Just over the way he left showed an absolute lack of respect for his team mates, manager and us! Didn’t seem like the Phil we knew.
  4. After years of being a SD/LA Chargers fan this is a bit disappointing! Decent season for us though... Hate the Pats so much!
  5. I’m clearly going to be sobbing like a girl come may....one way or another!
  6. 2019 final in Madrid... Salah scores a 94th min winner by turning Ramos with some unreal trickery which in turn snaps both of the little c@£ts ankles....
  7. Gutted however id still rather be a Liverpool Fan!
  8. here comes the falling over time wasting...
  9. Killed a bit harsh but id definatly like a snapped leg....GKs played his last for this club...
  10. Rumour has it Harry Kane got a knick on that salah header
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