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  1. If they're not in Europe, will UEFA look at their finances at all?
  2. my 16 year old daughter has to take up running for a course she's starting in September, we're looking to get her some specific running trainers - any recommendations for good, quite reasonable ones we can get for her please
  3. wasn't it an April Fool's thing anyway??
  4. Captain Chaos


    Regarding the Press Conference yesterday, the medical expert said that they were expecting 80% of the population to contract the virus so that's 80% x 66,000,000 which is 52,800,000 and then he also said a mortality rate of 1% So in the next few months they're expecting over half a million people to die!! Lucky we're in good hands then...
  5. my wife's initials are FMG - she's never mentioned the roller though!
  6. Railway Modelling is the way to go!
  7. Head gasket blowing could mean a number of factors, generally though, it won't have affected the bottom end of the engine, crank shaft, pistons, etc. So they could in effect just skim the top of the engine block, make sure the head is flat, put in another head gasket and fix the problem that caused it in the first place, possibly overheating. Certainly not an £11,000 bill
  8. "'cos ----BLEEP---- are the greatest football team"
  9. sorry mate, I didn't see your post! Great Minds eh??
  10. how about if they swapped ARE and the Kop around. The Kop (current ARE) could be single tier with plenty of space to expand backwards and the current Kop could be put to two or three tiers with the limit of expanding backwards!
  11. Anything By Conrad Jones -very dark, plenty of murders and mainly set in Liverpool.
  12. I reckon we'll see a backshot of Sam writing the whole saga up, when we get closer and turn towards his face, we'll see Sam played by George R.R.Martin!!
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