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  1. It's called psychological projection.
  2. Friday the 13th really is a scary day.
  3. Where are all the environmentalists now? Are you all really that self important that you believe you have a major affect on this planet, which has been here for billions of years? Arrogant meddling is a perfect description of these environmentalists, who are only interested in a clean place to live for themselves. The planet is fine, it's the people that are f***ed.
  4. The way I put it to people was... Do you trust the politicians? Yes or No? To all the yes men on here and to the elite of Europe... Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScDfYzMEEw...feature=related What a legend.
  6. Don't think so, as it's from a film called 'The yes men'. Sorry mate, but research has found that most people are greedy, fat b******s. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4183086.stm Here is a similar report on the UK epidemic... Obesity rate triples http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/1170787.stm So the uncomfortable truth is that most people are not only greedy, but in many cases are consumed by delusional greed.
  7. Ah well back to the funny videos then. News Reporter goes Crazy
  8. So everybody deserves a free lunch then? Those people who fall for those lottery scams are examples of people I am talking about, so how can we ever evolve if these people are not punished for their stupidity?
  9. I am not talking about people who really struggle to make ends meet, rather the people who have more then enough to get by, but just like the rich and powerful, they always want more, as it's never enough. There is a huge difference between what you and your family need to live and what you or they want now. Just look at the housing boom in the last few years, which was created by thousands of people who tried to get rich by borrowing money, in many cases borrowing large sums for a second house, as an investment. Nevermind all the others who weren't happy with their place on the 'property ladder', so they sold up and borrowed more to get that bigger house they just didn't need. As for people borrowing on credit cards, the vast majority are probably not the smartest, but that doesn't excuse them for their irresponsible spending of money. Nearly 2 years ago the average adult in England owed 6k on credit and store cards, while in Scotland the figure rose to nearly 8k. http://www.qck.com/credit-card-debt-soars-...s-15131545.html So much for the Scots dislike of spending cash... What happened to actually saving money for something you really wanted? Is it simply the credit card companies fault for simply making it so easy to get credit? No doubt they prey on people with below average intelligence, but are people really stupid enough to think that they won't have to pay much more in the long run? The answer is they probably just don't think, so one way of looking at it is that they basically get what they deserve? The people who really do get crapped on, i.e. those with no choice but to work for large corporations in the so called developing World, they are the people who really should be helped, but instead are treated like slaves. I don't know if you have seen these lads before, but here is a film they made about how they set up a website to take the piss out of the WTO. Some idiot from CNBC emailed them and asked if one of them would like to come on air and debate their organization and their aims with a anti-globalist. The result is classic TV. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...cIYeUiwLy_bjQCQ Go to the 18min mark for the interview. The same lad then gives a speech(32min mark), under another ridiculous name, to a business conference in Finland, where the WTO representative gives a brilliant speech on the problem of how much it costs to feed and look after all the slaves. He then unveils the employee visualization appendage, i.e. a suit with a big inflatable c**k. These high powered business people laugh at first, but then lap it up and give him a round of applause... Nobody even had any questions. The best part(57min mark) is when he then goes and speaks to a room full of economics students. They give away free burgers and he talks about how recycling human waste for burgers in poorer countries, will solve the problem of World hunger. Amazing how far they have to go just to get a reaction...
  10. Well if people are greedy or stupid enough to think they are going to win, then maybe they deserve to lose.
  11. Can - World's Strongest Dad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4B-r8KJhlE
  12. The real problem is the man on the street, who has given the men at the top of the system all the power. The average man is now in serious debt, due to an intense greed to buy a house, which he believes is an investment, even though he cannot afford it. So he goes into huge debt, usually in an attempt to get rich quickly, while if it isn't property, he has borrowed to invest in stock, again in an effort to get rich quick. Delusional greed gone mad has made the World what it is today. Back when money was first printed and people went to the bank in search of their free lunch, the vast majority borrowed the maximum amount they could. So right from the beginning the way most money entered the system was when greedy people borrowed it. The greed and laziness has only gotten worse over the years, with more and more people going to the bank in an effort to get something for nothing. Basically irresponsibly borrowing money desperately trying to get rich. All these greedy, lazy muppets have done and continue to do is to basically steal from people who haven't borrowed, by causing inflation, which in turn then reduces the buying power of their savings. Most of those people in debt deserve to be the slaves that they are, which is probably exactly what they want, as they have a fear of responsibility.
  13. I used to think like that, but many people don't deserve a say, especially all the greedy monkeys who have demanded a free lunch. Anybody who has ever got a loan from a bank deserves to be punished for their greed. As for people who have debts on credit cards...
  14. Except when major staged events occur, they simply do their best to profit from them, but rarely if ever have a hand in them? Any cover-ups are simply designed to hide their incompetence, right?
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