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  1. KBR

    The US President

    I'm convinced he has made a ton of money since taking office... by tweeting about the economy / trade wars / FED etc. which in turn moves the stock market quite dramatically. I'm certain if anyone else did this they would be guilty of market manipulation. At the end of August he tweeted that he had a number of high level calls from the Chinese, that they were eager to restart the trade talks. The following day the Chinese denied any such calls took place. Later two unamed officials said that he tweeted that because he wanted to give the markets a "boost". His tweet about the phones calls with the Chinese were an outright lie.... if that's not market manipulation, then I don't know what is. I'm absolutely convinced he has some fund set up somewhere with one of his cronies who just trades off the back of his tweets. Imagine having that kind of information to hand and laying trades on... you'll be cleaning up. The DOW moves at least 100 points each time he tweets, sometimes much more. If you had a $100mill fund at the start of his presidency, and laid massive bets on, knowing he was about to tweet... I'm sure by now that fund would be worth $1billion. Trump has money... and I'm sure he made even more from this presidency, with his questionable behaviour.
  2. Top 4 - City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal Going Down - Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield Utd Top Scorer - Salah First to get the sack / leave - Chris Wilder League Cup - City FA Cup - Spurs European Cup - Liverpool Solskjaer - Sacked by Christmas
  3. Does anyone have full highlights of the entire match?
  4. Apparently being offered to Athletico as part of a deal for Griezmann.
  5. We only need to look closer to home... I saw a post yesterday that said £18mill was raised for the victims of Grenfell Tower, and only £2.8mill has been distributed to them so far. By comparison, € 900Million has been pledged to the rebuilding of the Notre Dame, as reported today on Reuters. 72 people died in Grenfell Tower... the death toll in Paris was zero. Makes you wonder about the things people place value on.
  6. Save this in your bookmarks for the season. Get updated for every game going. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/
  7. KBR

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak to everyone. I lost 8kg in weight.... it will take me months to put that back on. Tomorrow i'm really looking forward to a morning coffee... and some toast with jam.
  8. Marcelo Bielsa to Leeds? Now that would be a massive coup for them... but how long would he last with his temperament and their awful owners? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44369471
  9. I've seen him play a few times... similar level to Willian when he went to Chelsea. Seems to be able to play with both feet. To make a comparison to someone in our squad i'd say Ox, but with better range of passing.
  10. He'd come on leaps and bounds in our team. Easily a 20 goal a season player with the amount of chances we create. Just his tough luck he's working under a "defend first" type manager.
  11. Gents... I'm truly touched by your gestures. I really am. But i'm a little shy about taking donations off people... simple reason being that our charity is unregistered. It's been running since 1998, and has always been self financed by myself and the family. So I am unable to give people accountability of where the money goes and what it is being spent on. Hence I don't ask for cash donations. I don't bother with a website either... the £50 quid or so I might spend maintaining it would be better put to use on say paying for stationary. It's not some massive project if that's what you're all thinking. We have about 60 kids ranging from 5 upto about 16 years old, and cover their basic living costs and education. The orphanage is built on a little piece of land donated by my old man literally at the end of our estate. There'a always a trip once a year guaranteed (usually December) for when the kids graduate - we hire teachers to educate them privately. So I would say if you're all feeling charitable - don't give cash. But what I will take is if someone wants to donate say sports equipment, or a set of kits. Anything I can give to the kids for their use. That way I can at least show you guys afterwards where it all went.
  12. That would be a dream for the entire nation. Any club who can do that will add 160 million people to their fan-base overnight! Our national team is pants... just no support at government level for the game to develop. If Iceland can produce a a team from 300k people, and Uruguay from 3 mill surely we can with a 160mill??
  13. My days work was wrapped up by 12... I made the mistake of waking up at 5am today. I just watched the first leg again... this time in HD on a decent sized screen! Now need to kill the next 4 and a bit hours... We'll be ok today... just be prepared for some nervous moments. There'll be a few.
  14. He definitely is. I was in Dubai for a week before my trip to Bangladesh, and everyone there feels like he is one of them, regardless of what part of the Arab world they are from. One of the guys manning the front desk at my hotel was Egyptian... he remembered me from my last trip when we just signed Salah back in August. He had not played a game for us yet... and he was telling me how everyone in Egypt sees him as a national icon, and the move to Liverpool had everyone talking, even the Man City fans in the UAE love him. Another Lebanese guy on the desk was saying how he hopes he becomes a super star and then signs for City! I agreed to watch an Egypt game with them when i'm back there during the world cup.
  15. This is nothing compared to what will happen later... it will be the same as the city game. This lot will come flying out... we'll concede early, and then we'll all collectively s**t our pants for the best part of the first half. Then eventually the tide will turn in the second half, and we'll get that much needed goal. There after we'll comfortably see out the game. I reckon 2-2 tonight... but not before we all loose hairs, fingernails and our voices. It's just no fun otherwise.
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