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  1. From the report.... The EHRC found evidence of political interference in the complaints process, with 23 instances of inappropriate involvement by the Leader of the Opposition’s Office (LOTO) and others in the 70 files looked at. This included LOTO staff influencing decisions on complaints, especially decisions on suspensions or to investigate a claim. Some decisions were made because of likely press interest rather than any formal criteria. The Labour Party adopted a practice of political interference in certain complaints and the evidence indicates that it occurred more regu
  2. This just isn’t the point. I dont know know how many people have read the EHRC report but a good summary is here: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/news Yesterday should’ve been a time for Jewish members of the Labour Party and those members of the Jewish community who want to vote Labour to feel that they were heard, and that the abuse they suffered was considered by all those in the Labour Party to be real. For one day, they just needed the space for general acceptance there had been a problem with anti semitism in labour, just as they had describ
  3. Could play a back 3 with Gomez Phillips and Williams. Which would allow Hendo, Thiago and Gini to play as a midfield 3 with Mane and Salah upfront. Unlikely though.
  4. Going Clive A Saturday morning treat, as Everton favourite Clive Thomas recreates contentious refereeing decisions with the help of Gordon the Gopher.
  5. It’s pretty niche (and by that I mean very few people will actually read this stuff) but this paper shows that our data scientists are already looking beyond the usefulness of xg. http://www.sloansportsconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2002.pdf
  6. He’s fast without looking like he’s running fast.
  7. Found that weirdly enjoyable. I thought the replacement front 3 did well with their harrying and pressing and disrupted the game nicely.
  8. Mirallas got away with this one too. As bad a challenge you will see. I think what I hate most about it is that they are all really f***ing cowardly.
  9. Alaba might be worth a punt as he’ll be going for free in the summer. We were interested in Diego Carlos at Sevilla too. If they aren’t challenging or in trouble he could be a target too.
  10. Would be a good idea if he wasn’t recovering from a cruciate ligament rupture.
  11. Everyone is damaged, everyone is lonely and everyone is deeply sad. Who can’t relate to that? Just look at how bad the acting is though.
  12. Probably, but that’s why I asked if I’m the only person who thinks this way. I watched a few episodes of MadMen straight after watching the Sopranos, and I thought that the step up in the quality of acting was noticeable. But maybe there’s a reason I appreciate the performance of repressed melancholy and a desire for genuine human connection.... The Sopranos is a very ugly looking show too. I know that’s true to life, but everything is mundane, seedy or garish.
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