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  1. DecidedByPoll


    I don’t think it’s the central plank in an election campaign, but you underestimate the current depth of feeling about this and also how easy it will be to summon it up that anger. It it doesn’t even need to be addressed directly. ‘Take back control’ managed to distil the perceived myriad grievances that the population felt with the EU and combine them with anger and frustration at their own circumstances.
  2. DecidedByPoll


    The scale of anger from the very people who recently voted for a government in huge numbers is unprecedented. The reason the residual feelings are important is that the anger is inextricably linked to the deaths and the general feeling of tension, worry, unhappiness and loss. These are not separate things.
  3. DecidedByPoll


    This is not like anything we have seen. The whole country was asked to abide by a set of rules never laid down before in modern history and the government has defended a clear breach of the rules and then lied to the country to defend themselves. This is completely unprecedented. And the anger will last as long as Cummings remains.
  4. DecidedByPoll


    I think you’re misreading the situation. The public aren’t mad that he left the house. They are mad that the government has decided that the rules they so stringently applied (Stay Home) the the public doesn’t apply to their key advisor, one of their own. The phrase you’ll see lots of is ‘one rule for them’, and it allows a narrative to build around government accountability, fairness and the blatant lying. This is a big moment, and as it’s driven by emotion, not reason, it can have a lasting and repeated effect.
  5. DecidedByPoll


    It’s seem pretty apparent the the dummy is unable to sack his ventriloquist.
  6. Dominic Cummings travelled further in lockdown with coronavirus than Crewe Alexandra have ever gone for a competitive game in their 143-year history.
  7. Through a few guest appearances on Bluemoon, it’s clear that a few of the ‘respected’ posters believe that when we win the league City are going to release some information to deliberately take the shine off. This is ‘big’ apparently and may League to criminal charges. This is beyond the original ‘hacking’ stuff.
  8. The substance (or lack of) of the immigration bill....
  9. Never, ever instant. Not sure where you live Earl, but if you want to support businesses in Merseyside https://92degrees.coffee https://www.crosbycoffee.co.uk https://www.djangocoffeeco.com
  10. A. I’ve not defended any Labour position. I just asked you to address your mistake in suggesting that the Labour policy was being represented by a back bench MP and to do this by posting the statement by the actual shadow Home Secretary instead. You’re attacking the wrong thing. B. I also posted what seems to be the closest to official policy currently available. You chose to ignore this when you commented on the direction of travel for Labour Party policy on this issue. C. I didn’t ‘scold’ you. I said ‘quick reminder’ and ‘ can you post?’. D. Cooper was entirely wrong.
  11. Quick reminder that Cooper is a back bench MP with no responsibility for policy. This was the pledge around Migrants in Starmer’s election campaign: 6. Defend migrants’ rights Full voting rights for EU nationals. Defend free movement as we leave the EU. An immigration system based on compassion and dignity. End indefinite detention and call for the closure of centres such as Yarl’s Wood. Can you post what what the actual Shadow Home Secretary said in the commons?
  12. Up v early today after camping in the garden with the kids, so needed some easy viewing. Put on that Yesterday film..... Kudos to Curtis for casting an asian lead, filming in Lime Street and a Mo Salah reference, but good god, what a pile of s***.
  13. Policy only seems to be discussed in the ‘Can’t trust a Tory’ general political thread, and I while I enjoyed the Gilps/SR back and forth about travel to work being paid labour in amongst other stuff there’s probably mileage in creating a place for all policy type discussion. Here’s some initial evidence of the efficacy of UBI, which could be the most progressive policy Labour could implement. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2242937-universal-basic-income-seems-to-improve-employment-and-well-being/
  14. DecidedByPoll


    Couldn’t possibly comment.
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