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  1. The price points for the two shirts are the same for Chelsea &Spurs, it’s not an LFC thing. Liverpools fans on Twitter are angry about everything. I like the away shirt, but like pretty much everyone on this forum, I am nowhere near the primary target audience, so it doesn’t really matter what I/we think.
  2. It’ll be our top selling away kit ever.
  3. Yes. We played 26 home games last season. So it’s more than 19 lots of match day income. Most of the reporting is 5mill per match, so even if the rest of the costs are 1mill per match we’re still down over 100mill over the course of the season. Not sure why this is even an argument. The issue is whether our owners are willing to either put their own money in, or borrow money at really low rates of interest to invest in our team.
  4. The lad who runs the design side for Nike football kits is an Everton fan.
  5. Not a chance they go into a new season with Stones, Otamendi or Garcia as their first choice for right sided centre half. I’d expect to see Stones and Otamendi leave. Ake is a good squad option.
  6. I have been very reluctant to get involved in this thread, and have watched Phil fight a valiant rearguard action on his own with great admiration, often agreeing with his responses. However..... FSG appear to have some red lines they are unwilling to cross and it looks like intransigence when flexibility is needed. It has never been their model for the club to borrow money (whether from FSG themselves or other banking facilities) to buy players. It also looks as if they have a level of wages/turnover ratio they have previously been unwilling to breach. This will be breached over the course of this season and this seems enormously problematic to them. Up to this point they have proved incredibly adept at slowly building the club to a point where we have a world class team, paid world class salaries, making a mockery of those who said that they would never pay the transfer fees or wages required for the best players (hiya Molbz 😉). They’ve done this by being better/more intelligent in the transfer market than anyone else. What’s required now is for them to work with Klopp and continue to be better/more intelligent than everyone else. Borrowing money at the moment, with interest rates so low does not come with significant risk, especially if the asset(s) bought with this money could well appreciate in value. A note of caution though to those who think we should be in the conversation for Werner/Sancho. Even if the pandemic hasn’t hit, we would be struggling to match the wages Chelsea and Utd are offering. We have proven world class players who are trophy winners and leaders who would be on less than Werner (250k at Chelsea) and Sancho (over 300k at Utd). It would be an immediate imbalance and our squad is so tightly knit and that harmony has been such a part of our success that there should be an overall reluctance to match those wages, and therefore some players/agents will go elsewhere, regardless of their affinity to Klopp/Liverpool. There’s are additional issues of buying short term for one season and not being able to offload players and free up the salary for a return to normality next season and the level of player we require being available. I keep seeing talk of back ups, when the best strategy is to buy better than what you have now, or with the potential to improve to that level quickly. Maybe FSG have done some pandemic modelling themselves (Henry made his billions on following trends with mathematical models) and it shows the likelihood of no champions league going ahead due to continuing waves of the virus and quarantines is too high to gamble on high spending. Our owners are not the divvies in charge at West Ham, Villa or Everton. We are also currently having to pay every bonus to the players and every add ons to every club for every transfer, as well as any standard transfer liabilities. Still..... the issue remains that there can be flexibility and our overall robust financial approach means that we would be in great shape post pandemic, even with additional borrowing. This ain’t about starting to flap because other team are buying players, but maintaining the very highest standards and committing to and matching the constant demands for improvement instilled by Klopp into his squad. Thiago, a fine young centre half and letting Origi go to be replaced by Sarr would represent the right kind of approach but it’s not even clear that FSG will stretch to this. We simply have to. Otherwise FSG o.....
  7. He’s not unwell, a friend has played a few rounds with him at Hillside recently and said he looks great.
  8. Are there fireworks? I’d like fireworks. Can they do big one of a fat mayor crying?
  9. Would be a very good signing. Only Rashford has more goals/assists at the same age or younger in the PL. He’s very pacy, and a big step up from Shaq or Divock. He’s contracted until 2024 so he’ll be expensive.
  10. An antidote to the relentless (though reasonable) negativity https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/08/spreading-rock-dust-on-fields-could-remove-vast-amounts-of-co2-from-air
  11. I reckon we’re being used by Thiago’s agent to stir up interest.
  12. My wife’s a City fan. I hope we f***ing smash them.
  13. DecidedByPoll


    There’s going to be quite a toll on the mental health of those working in public services, and somewhere, someone needs to be thinking about how to support them. I worry about the poor support staff in care homes working on minimum wage with crap working conditions, where so many people have died. They must be suffering a form of ptsd and unless they are council run homes there will be nothing in place for them.
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