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  1. Purslow does work in Liverpool though. He seems very comfortable too.
  2. Great guy, Phil. Just saw this, apologies if posted before: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib06W_tWkLA&...feature=related
  3. Intelligence and heart. That's what a Liverpool player should be all about, in my view. Too romantic? Perhaps. But the fact is, Xabi Alonso has both in abundance and thank you Mr. Harrington for fighting that corner. Success (in the league?) might be the key missing pillar - for whatever reason (and some great points have been made here on that issue, by Rimbeux in particular), Rafa has come to the conclusion that Barry makes it more possible. Perfectly fine and we can agree and disagree on that (although, Rafa knows, as Carra does), but let's show respect for the man who showed a lot of heart playing in the red shirt of Liverpool FC. For me, the moment that illustrates what Xabi is all about is that penalty in Istanbul - I'll never forget his expression, clearly s***ting himself, yet he was there and took it like a lion.
  4. willard grant


    Important background info here: "From the moment of its election victory, Hamas acted pragmatically and with the intent to integrate itself into the existing political structure. It had observed for over a year a unilateral ceasefire with Israel and had halted the suicide attacks on Israeli civilians that had made it notorious. In a leaked confidential memo written in May and published by The Guardian this week senior UN envoy Alvaro de Soto confirmed that it was under pressure from the United States that Abbas refused Hamas' initial invitation to form a "national unity government." De Soto details that Abbas advisers actively aided and abetted the Israeli-US-European Union aid cutoff and siege of the Palestinians under occupation, which led to massively increased poverty for millions of people. These advisors engaged with the United States in a "plot" to "bring about the untimely demise of the [Palestinian Authority] government led by Hamas," de Soto wrote." Also: "Ever since Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in the occupied territories in January 2006, elements of the leadership of the long-dominant Fatah movement, including Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his advisors have conspired with Israel, the United States and the intelligence services of several Arab states to overthrow and weaken Hamas. This support has included funneling weapons and tens of millions of dollars to unaccountable militias, particularly the "Preventive Security Force" headed by Gaza warlord Mohammad Dahlan, a close ally of Israel and the United States and the Abbas-affiliated "Presidential Guard." US Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams -- who helped divert money to the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s and who was convicted of lying to Congress in the Iran-Contra scandal -- has spearheaded the effort to set up these Palestinian Contras. (This background has been extensively detailed in a number of articles published by The Electronic Intifada in recent months). Abrams is also notorious for helping to cover up massacres and atrocities committed against civilians in El Salvador by US-backed militias and death squads." http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article7030.shtml
  5. Just a quick recap of the article, related to your specific question: The victim was in the company of "fellow mariners" at the time of the shooting, with only "Pero Fjorovic" being named in the article. The bartender, Emil Kovac Mec, intervened and managed to calm the killer down following the shooting, thus possibly preventing further killings. The article mentions no other victims and it seems that no one else was hurt. The incident apparently happened back in April and all the articles on the Google search page you linked are from day or two following the shooting, so they obviously contain no info on the killer being convicted. I doubt the court proceedings would happen so quickly, but can do further research of local press if you thing that would be helpful. The article does not suggest any motive for the killing, but points out that the killer and the victim knew each other and frequented the bar in question. The emphasis seems to be on the shooter's (who is a war veteran) history of medical issues ("chronic post-traumatic stress disorder") and allegations of drug abuse. Let me know if a more detailed translation would be of any help.
  6. Keeping a clean sheet will decide it. If the energy from Big Wayne's post is there in full swing on Tuesday night, I'm confident we'll score one. Pepe will take care of the penalties, if needed.
  7. With no injuries on Saturday, I'm pretty sure we'll see Arbeloa and Riise on the left. It worked great against Barca, and represents a no-nonsense, reliable, and flexible set-up, which is how Rafa approaches tough games. At the moment, it looks like The Chief and Xabi in the middle, with the other four attacking positions being either 1) Gerrard behind Crouch or Kuyt, with Jermaine on the right; or 2) Gerrard on the right, with Crouch or Kuyt sharing attacking responsibilities with Craig.
  8. http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/07/19/1345257 Excellent stuff from Robert Fisk, interviewed on Democracy Now. Superb analysis, objectivity, and righteous emotion at the same time.
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