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  1. http://www.web-bier.de/shop/shopping_cart.php I use this quite a bit. There's a good selection and variety to choose from. Works out a decent price, normally around £2 a bottle imported direct from Germany within a few days.
  2. Yep, basically saying they may want to delete their comment about us beating their title rival.
  3. Great game so far, lots of nice movement and passing when in possession. When we lose it Lucas is looking really good, very sharp, covering lots of ground. Just hope if he has been booked it doesn't put the shackles on him. Very impressed so far.
  4. Does anyone know if you can choose the delivery address if you order the tickets online or do they just go to the address registered to you season ticket?
  5. 6445 Not bad, but not great. It's just nice to actually know and see that number drop in time.
  6. How about to the Tune of In My Liverpool Home. He is Lucas Leiva He is Lucas Leiva He plays with a calmness exceedingly rare Moves through the team with his Brazilian flair You can't take our midfielder so dont even dare He is Lucas Leiva I'm sure someone else can think up better words than me, but the 'He is Lucas Leiva' instead of 'In My Liverpool Home' seems to flow quite nicely.
  7. Maybe keep it for the game vs the Chelsea. He never really was a Red, kn**head kn**head, I want to leave leave, I want to go, kn**head kn**head, We bought the lad from sunny Spain, We hope his move ends in Pain, Fernando Torres Chelsea's new kn**head!
  8. This fits with a little bit of tweaking: His signing proved he was a Red Carroll Carroll, You'll never walk alone it said Carroll Carroll, He nicked it off a lad from Spain, tall and blonde forget his name, Andy Carroll Liverpool's number 9! It's a great tune, let's not lose it.
  9. ANDY CARROLL SIGNS FOR LFC Andy Carroll has tonight completed his transfer from Newcastle United to Liverpool FC and signed a 5 and a half-year-deal that will keep him at Anfield until 2016. The Club agreed a record transfer fee with Newcastle earlier in the day for the transfer of the England international striker. The deal was subject to the completion of a medical, which the player has now passed. Andy Carroll will wear the No.9 shirt for Liverpool.
  10. II had a dream last night that we organised a mass march outside Melwood when he was training. Rather than slag him off we just sang YNWA. He then did a press conference to say he could never leave fans like us. Was gutted when I woke. Is this half time in Istanbul and a chance for the fans to turn things around?
  11. For the club to confirm his request, bodes that they are preparing to sell him and want the fans to know who to blame. They can walk away saying we did all we could to try and convince him to stay but he didn't want to play for LFC. If they think they can keep him, surely they'd stay quiet on the transfer request and continue to say he's not for sale and is going nowhere. I fear he's played his last game for us. I'm gutted and numb.
  12. Has anyone else been invited to a discussion group by the club on Monday night? I got an email asking if I'd be interested in sharing my opinion on the club's Digital Media strategy and now I've been invited to a discussion group at the Club's offices on Chapel Street on Monday night.
  13. Any decent streams out there?
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